Reasons To Ditch Heels (Choose Comfort): Side Effect Of Heels

High heels are not the most comfortable shoes in your closet, but in certain instances, you might like to match them with your date night or party outfits. Although, women have a pretty soft corner for heels as there are plenty of patterns in ladies’ footwear heels matching with every sort of dress. 

Girls are predominantly in a dilemma at their wedding for wearing heels or picking up trendy juttis to match their special day outfits. Both juttis and high heel footwear for ladies, match with every outfit, complementing it greatly.  According to the expert, heels might impact the complete body with severe body discomforts which might be relatable to long term effects. 

Further in this article, we will discuss the adverse effects of heels for an extended period and address such issues effectively.

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Adverse Impact Of High Heels: 

With the cool and trendy look, women are familiar with blisters and the dangers of wearing high heels. Plenty of specialists suggest ditching high heels as, in certain instances, the realization of your shoe selection can impact much beyond the temporary pain related to feet squeezing and other ankle issues. 

Below we will discuss some of the intense impacts of high heels, which might stay for life, troubling your feet in specific ways. Here is the discussion:

1. Injured Ankles And Stress Fractures: 

Injured ankles and stress fractures are quite a painful experience for every girl while wearing heels. For spending long hours in your heels, this pain and swelling are felt with visible effects that effectively prove heels bad for you

Although such injuries are not the vilest aspect in medical terms, it’s definitely a painful experience of its kind. Although, with these dreadful injuries, healing takes time and consistent and regular efforts. An ankle injury and stress fractures need medical care and attention and, of course, some time to get rid of them. 

2. Arthritis: 

Arthritis is one of the real concerns for which the specialist suggests ditching the heel at all times. While wearing heels, you eventually suffer from heel stiffness and the knee joint while walking or standing for a long time. 

This situation can bring your foot down further dealing with chronic arthritis. The medical studies concern this situation greatly as you further compensate for walking and standing as the internal cartilage between the ankle joints might wear down. It defines the effects of heels and needs consideration to pick a comfortable alternative against classy and trendy heels.

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3. Worsen The Existing Foot Issues: 

Everybody deals with specific foot issues that eventually worsen with picking up the high heel footwear for ladies. There are particular issues such as corns, bunions, ingrown toenails, hammer toes, and many more, which can reach a worse situation than you experience while wearing high heels for a more extended period.

According to medical studies, picking up high heels will exacerbate such chronic issues to a bad state if you are dealing with hammer toes or bunions. Discussing it in detail for the heels is bad for you when you get the bump forms as your shoe constantly rubs on the back of the heel. It can be calcaneus, as the Achilles tendon inserts within this area, shortening the Achilles tendons. 

Variations In Body When You Ditch Heels: 

Although there are certain shortcomings and long-term issues you must deal with while wearing heels for a long time and specifically for a more extended period. Hence while you are looking forward to wearing high heels, you must be aware of certain aspects your shoe selection might cause in the long term. It might also address the variation you experience while selecting the flats over heels. Below are some of the imperative mentions: 

Calf Muscles Become Lengthy: 

It might feel delightful to throw the stylish heels and select the comfortable pair of flat juttis for any occasion. For some time, it might feel awkward, but the comfort you experience is undoubtedly extraordinary. According to studies, girls wearing heels for a long time can experience specific foot and leg variations. It might cause chronic changes, including shortening of calf muscles, which are counted in the adverse effects of heels. Hence, when you ditch heels, the chronic risk of going through pain in the heels or plantar fasciitis development is reduced or even sometimes ended.  

Lower The Toe Sensation: 

Toe sensations are one of the common aspects counted in the dangers of wearing high heels. Your heels and calves are one of the prominent impacts on your body which suffer extensively. While donning such stylish stilettos, the toes are at intensive risk, resulting in negative impacts. This situation can become a prevalent situation, further resulting in losing the toes’ physical sensation. Hence to relieve the toes and feet, ditching heels and selecting flats can be a relieving and comfortable alternative for your toes.   

Complete Relief With Backpain: 

The stylish heels not always affect the toes but also adversely impact other body parts as they stress out the complete body weight on the toes. Wearing heels can relate to the damaging effects which manifest much more on your entire body parts. The experts mention that wearing heels increases the demand for muscles going through the complete body systems. The leg from the foot and lower back up to the middle back and the neck, the whole body, strains with high heels. Hence, getting rid of the high heel relieves your feet, toes, and lower and upper back. 


So, there are specific reasons for ditching the heels for some time and selecting flat-styled shoes. Today the market is fully fledged with stylish and trendy alternatives such as juttis, sneakers and many more. It relieves the muscles with a chance to reduce stretching out back, knees, hips, and proper and precise alignment. 

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