Purely Lush Red and Beige Hand Block Printed Kurti


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  • Dressing well is one form of having good manners. It was a common belief in the Elizabethen Period and it is still prevalent. One of the best and the brightest among our clothing section. This Indian Beauty is 100% handmade of Rayon as material and beautifully carved into a hand block print. Hand block printing is one such technique, which involves cutting a desired pattern or design on a wooden block, covering this block with ink or dye, and then stamping it on the fabric. While blocks can be made up of stone, but for better results, they are more commonly made from wood. It is one of the traditional Indian designs. This Kurti is a combination of red and beige. Choose your color and size here.?
  • Material: Cotton
  • Color: Red and Beige??
  • Caution: Wash in cold water only?
  • Finish: Handmade?
  • Lining: No?
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